Monday, July 27, 2009

They'll Eat You Alive

You know that feeling when it's Sunday and you're so stoked to have a day all to yourself. You can do whatever you like at any given time until night rolls around and you realize you have school bright and early the next day? I have that feeling constantly in the pit of my stomach lately. It's weird to describe but that's the best way I can sum it up. 

All I know is within the next month, the wrap up of the year.. EVERYTHING is going to change. Drastically. I have one month left of freedom. Then my 3rd and last year of school.. Funny how far away this year seemed the first time I was flipping through my school's course calendar debating what to study. Life doesn't really wait for anyone to catch up, or catch their breathe. I'm ready for drastic changes. I'm ready to have everything familiar to me be stripped away and I'm ready to be on my own. 

Truth be told, I need this. 


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