Saturday, August 8, 2009

You Could Have Said No

5 life lessons rightfully learned;
1. Trust no one.
2. Expect absolutely nothing from anyone.
3. Never let anyone get too close.
4. If anyone tries to define you, get rid of them.
5. If you get lonely, suck it up.

I may seem cynical at times, but life has molded me into this. Everyone I depend on has in one way or another surprised and defeated me. I'm done caring or blaming myself.

How I Became Paranoid; Part 2

Is it bad that i can fully relate to this... I'll be that lady you live beside in the high rise downtown that wears floral dresses and pearls everyday. My groceries will mainly consist of food for my cat and organic fruits and vegetables. You will kindly let me know my vintage records are blaring too loudly from my record machine and i'll nod with a smile and adjust the volume to your liking. I'll bake you cookies as a house warming gift, variously throught out the year forgetting that you haven't 'just moved in'. Different flavor of cookie every time, oatmeal, chocolate chip, peanut butter etc. You will always be surprised by me, but also it will be expected. I will invite you in to look at my photo albums, littered with the childhood and adolescents of my one and only companion, my cat. You will grin and inch towards the door observing all the nick knacks cluttering my little apartment. A life times achievement. What will I have to show for that. 

Friday, August 7, 2009


Normally I've always despised forever 21, having to dig through piles with grabby girls on every side of you is not my idea of a fun shopping experience and I normally wind up fed up and empty handed. But I'm enjoying a few of their fall advertisements.. They've just opened up a forever 21 close by my house so now I can venture out with out the crazy crowds and scout out rare finds, I'm getting good at being poor I guess you could say. Finding clones of expensive designers is now my forte.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

To Do List;

  • See Paper Heart
  • Go to the Drive In
  • Hike by the massive hidden waterfall
  • Go to the Beach every day if possible (go away rain clouds)
  • Tiger stripe icecream and walk along the harbor front
  • Kensington Market vintage shop
  • Pad Thai at Fork & Spoon 
  • Bike ride in the park by my house (huge trails) 
  • Decide on future ambitions (more school?)
  • Niagara Falls Haunted Houses
  • Ihop breakfast
  • New York adventure no.2
Way more to add to the list but i'm lazy, perhaps later.

Monday, August 3, 2009