Sunday, July 26, 2009


Being the genius that I am, I forgot my password to here. After a week of attempting to remember my password I gave up and reset it (obviously the FIRST step I should have taken..). My random ramblings probably were not missed
 but fear not I am back !

Well it's almost August and every day has been gray skies and rain storms (or so it seems). Please can summer come, I miss the beach. I should most likely just go back to Florida. The sun shine state should be my permanent place of residence. 

Finally I picked up my polaroid film yesterday ! 20 shots I'm eager to get taking... I'll lug around my out dated beast of a camera to the Zoo, Nature Hikes, Ice cream outings, On my balcony, Summer festivals and everywhere else I wind up at. But since I only have 20 shots I'm going to plan them out very carefully (I'm far too poor to dish out anymore money on film *boo hoo*)! If YOU have any IDEAS of the perfect picture I could take please share it with me ! I'll scan all of the polaroids for everyone to see when I'm all done :)

I found this online and I must say.... I MUST own it. I have a tendency to collect really odd things. A french fry phone? Perfect for me. I hate fast food but I approve of it being made into cute home decor. 

Lastly, I have just rediscovered how amazing Kat Dennings is. I think she's just too cute and quirky. Now I'm going to go watch Nick and Nora's Infinite Playlist again.... XOXO


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