Friday, January 15, 2010

I'm Alive

To make up for my absence: an overload of pictures to feast your eyes on..
the "lost" sweater that was just at the top of my closet for a few months..
back when bleach was my bestfriend.
Really want to bake one of these soon, mmm.
My Blair Waldorf halloween costume.
LOVE them. Only reason I ever watched the Rachel Zoe Project.

Betsey Johnson watch which turned out to be the gold watch I had been longing for.

It's a recession right?
Lady Gaga + Cindy Lauper for MAC
Being bored sometimes causes me to sew stuff.

I have a collection of odd mugs.. they make me happy.

thinking the anchor/ship would make a nice half sleeve

I want to try and emulate this swan bag and create my own..
The only reason I sometimes watch the city is because of her.


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