Saturday, September 5, 2009

Modern Day Magician

Don't do what you're 'best' at. Simply do what you love. No matter if you are absolutely horrible at it, all that matters is the spark that ignites in your heart the moment you set out to complete whatever it is that makes you happiest.

This is the simplest thing ever, but it took me almost 20 years to really try and grasp this idea. I'm still new to it but this has been my greatest realization. I'm no longer going to think i'm not good enough, not talented enough, not this or that. I'm simply going to do. And in doing so I will be content. There is nothing to measure 'success', to everyone it holds its own meaning. The only way not to succeed is to give into negativity, to crease taking action and wallow in self pity.

I'm ready to strip my life of any negative influences and start living.


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