Saturday, August 8, 2009

How I Became Paranoid; Part 2

Is it bad that i can fully relate to this... I'll be that lady you live beside in the high rise downtown that wears floral dresses and pearls everyday. My groceries will mainly consist of food for my cat and organic fruits and vegetables. You will kindly let me know my vintage records are blaring too loudly from my record machine and i'll nod with a smile and adjust the volume to your liking. I'll bake you cookies as a house warming gift, variously throught out the year forgetting that you haven't 'just moved in'. Different flavor of cookie every time, oatmeal, chocolate chip, peanut butter etc. You will always be surprised by me, but also it will be expected. I will invite you in to look at my photo albums, littered with the childhood and adolescents of my one and only companion, my cat. You will grin and inch towards the door observing all the nick knacks cluttering my little apartment. A life times achievement. What will I have to show for that. 


Anonymous said...

oh we'll be in paris with an apartment that has a view of the eiffel tower, cafes in the morning and 3 course red wine dinners at night. our wall will read as the latest who's who in the art world, and our closets will amount to more than a tradesman makes in a year....but of course we'll have an orange tabby cat :)

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